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At R&B Strategic Management, we believe that the right relationships forge the strongest and most sustainable businesses. We are passionate about studying versatile industries - those small enough to count and big enough to matter - learning their core values and realising their highest potential.

Our focus is to review and restructure business objectives across various industries to ensure they are aligned to our client's vision. We then bridge the gap through strategic alliances and tailored collaborations.

Having worked with key stakeholders of renowned Financial Institutions, UHNWIs and Family Offices, R&B is well positioned to educate and represent our client's mandates. We extend our well-diversified network to facilitate global visibility for all of our partners. 

5 Avenues of Collaborative Integration

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Meet Radha

A humanitarian above all else, Radha is driven by the versatility of human connections. From this, she has developed an intuitive ability to help clients realise and recreate the perfect personal & professional environment in which to flourish. Her own past experiences have allowed her to connect the dots and bridge the gaps with effortless ease.

Previous Positions 

  • Permal Group: Vice President, Business Development for ME, East Africa, India

  • Bank of London & The Middle East (UK)Director, Business Development & Asset Management, EMEA Region

  • Salomon Brothers Asset Management: Portfolio Analyst, New York, USA 

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Meet Radha
Business Conference
Dame Sheila B Driscoll.jpeg

Dame Sheila B. Driscoll
Founder Dame Venturus Silicon Valley

"Radha is a mindful, discerning, and well-qualified thought leader with over two decades of global investing, finance, and communication acumen. As Founder of R+B Strategic Management, Radha is a 21st-century​ visionary, muse, mother and human rights advocate. She is a sought-after financial and strategy engineer with the ability to craft ideas, think around problems, and maintain flexibility while managing complex processes with positivity."

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Edward Troughton
Former Head of Asset Management, BLME Dubai

"I worked closely with Radha while at BLME - in Dubai and across the region. I have a very high regard for Radha: her in-depth knowledge of the region, how it works both at a corporate and a personal level. She has worked closely with some of the largest institutions, banks, endowments and family offices... really understanding what these entities require is an art that Radha has well and truly mastered."


Manisha Roy

Founder, Arman Roy Foundation 

"Radha’s extensive background, skills and network coupled with her absolute devotion and love has helped us grow in many aspects... expanding our social media platforms, building our support network, developing engaging communications, taking us global and so much more. Over 1,346 participants registered for our last fundraising event, 5K Run for Hope, and Radha pulled in support from over 10 countries..."


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